Friday, February 27, 2015

Show up

Some weeks a light and airy and easy

Some weeks are like swimming through molasses

This week was the latter - At work each consecutive meeting adding a longer and longer "to do" list growing to seemingly unreachable heights.... challenges abounded, popped up when least expected or needed.

At home,  friends and family carrying and sharing burdens, doing hard stuff, grieving, figuring out complicated stuff, recovering, facing hard decisions.

It seemed overwhelming at times and I felt inadequate most of the time.

I did my share of staring....staring out of the window....trying to make sense of it all.  Sometimes praying, sometimes just having a mental break.

I didn't solve much, the TO DO list is only marginally smaller, too many friends I didn't connect with, not enough time with my family but I did just keep on showing up.

I showed up for my family.
I showed up for my friends.
I showed up for my students.
I showed up for my colleagues.
I showed up for work.
I showed up for me.

I showed up in a text, an email, a FB message, I showed up for dinner, for a coffee, for a hug, at my desk.

Sometimes that is all there is.

Sometimes that is enough.

To be there.

To keep on keeping on.

And if you can manage a smile, a laugh, a walk in the sunshine, a sunrise, a quiet moment, a workout then I call it a bonus.

Keep on showing up friends.

I need you, we all need you.

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