Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I love to entertain...... I mean I love when Allan and Lindsay make delicious food and friends come over.

But better than that....is a THEME party.....

That's my forte!

So we had a planned dinner party last weekend.....our clan coming over - 4 couples......we were looking forward to your normal ole dinner party until we decided that in homage to the warm, mild weather we were having in January we should do a BBQ.


I literally sat up in bed and said " Lets make it a July in January Party".

I ignored the confused looks and sprung into action.

A summer party....Yes indeed.... the menu was easy - ribeye, bbq chicken, sausages and grilled veggies, twice baked cheesy potatoes and a salad.......and a baguette or two.

And mason jar mojitos.....of course

And I had a splendid idea for dessert - an ice-cream sundae / milkshake station! with requisite bunting and paper straws!  And a delightful chalkboard I found and daisies......and much chocolate :)

And to make things even more epic on the dessert front Lindsay made little hand pies..... tiny apple salted caramel pies..... unbelievably good!

And the decor was fun..... picnic inside....easy breezy and fun!

It was a fun evening.  

You can end this post here unless you want to know how to make double baked potatoes

1. Bake potatoes

2.  Scoop out the potato leaving the skins empty

3.  Put the baked potato, cheese (I used romano and old cheddar and a bit of ricotta), 1/2 cup may and 1/2 cup sour cream and blend well ( the longer you whip it the "lighter" it will be)

4. Put the cheesy potato mix back into the skins and bake until the cheese starts to brown and crisp on top.

5. Enjoy

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