Sunday, February 8, 2015


It's been a while since I had a slow day.

I think it was in 1982.... Ish.

But today I dressed in yoga pants and a baggy sweater and never left the house.

Everyone else in my family had plans... 

The boys had a good day of fishing and Lindsay filmed a French assignment with friends.

Spanner and I were homebodies.

So I napped, ate, read, watched tv, played scrabble...... NOT

Well I tried to watch TV but despite pushing buttons on all of these I could not bring the TV to life.....although it did hiss a bit 

So after finishing a report and doing a bit of prep for the class I start teaching next week.... I cleaned the house ....

It is alarming and "eww" inducing to see how much dust and sand and Spanner hair accumulates in one week on the floor ... To think what was in the carpet before..... Ok moving along.....

Ah the joy of a spotless kitchen! Floors, counters.... A clear island! 

And then in a very sceptical move I decided to follow a recipe to cook a whole chicken in the slow cooker..... 

I am delighted to say it was a smashing and delicious success.... That went well with my potato Parmesan bake and frozen peas ... Go me! 

I sat down with my homemade espresso and had a few quiet moments before everyone came home ...

The week ahead is busy but these great little peel and stick calendars are helping us stay organised 

Everyone is chilling tonight.... David is watching "Friends" on Netflix which is giving me flashbacks and the laugh reel is irritating... I had forgotten....

A slow day spent productively (maybe a bit too much in my head) and everyone home and cozy tonight! 

And tomorrow is a holiday! Woot! 

Of course an ice cream sundae is the perfect way to end the day!

Night !

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