Sunday, February 15, 2015

Out of the box

So I am letting the cat out of the bag here......

Or more like the new camera is out of the box.

I was gifted a great new Canon point and shoot for my birthday by my replace one that had a fishing accident......with my hubby.

This one is pretty fancy with lots of bells and whistles.....that I am trying to wrap my head around.

I actually read the manual but I found it....unhelpful....

So my Valentines gift to myself was a couple of hours out and about with my camera shooting of various modes, figuring our aperture and F stops.

I have always been more of a hands on learner and I did figure out some things yesterday.....but came home a little frustrated at some of the things I thought I had figured but didn't ......more learning to do especially before my trip to NYC.

But here are some of my favourites from a beautiful Spring sunset last night......

1 comment:

  1. Just curious what camera you got? I'm in the market myself. :)

    Your photos are lovely, lovely, lovely. :)