Sunday, September 21, 2014

Well then

Here I am sitting outside in the warm Sunday sunshine at the end (finally) of this summer of our discontent.

This summer that was unnecessarily extended in a fight for our children's education.

A fight that has delivered some gains but mostly left the unacceptable status quo and ever looming threats over public education in British Columbia.

As disappointing as the deal was it felt like a massive rock rolled off my chest when Jim Iker announced the 86% yes vote by teachers.

This girl does not do limbo well.

And after too many weeks of not knowing what was happening for everyone in my family on a day to day basis...I was done!

I needed to breathe easy again..... to know that what passes for "normal" around these parts would return.

That the other 50% of our family income would also return!

And so here we are....."normal" just around the corner.

Back to school shopping on a limited budget done.

Lindsay's grad year about to begin.......

I want to thank YOU!

Thank you for enduring with me.  For listening.  For loving.  For your personal activism on this issue. For checking in, for caring, for generosity, for hospitality, for prayers.

We have reconnected with friends and colleagues,  stood together, talked together and eaten together.

A new sense of community.

A new sense that many people are awakened to the trouble our education system is in and remains in.

A sense that people understand the work of teachers a little better.

Hope that the depression and anxiety of the picket line will be overcome by the enthusiasm and optimism our kids bring back to the classroom tomorrow.  That parents and students will express their gratitude in real and tangible ways - my two students are writing thank you cards to their teachers at this moment - a tiny gesture that will hopefully bring a smile to a teacher tomorrow.

I am glad the roller coaster ride of Summer 2014 is over and look forward to Fall 2014 gently embracing us. (Even if has to be with showers).

My weary heart is ever grateful for what is gained even in the hard times.  Special love to my own family who were courageous and understanding and loving even on the down days.....the hard days....who stood together, united and loving.

Team rock!

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