Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I am off on vacation tomorrow.

Just for tomorrow.

But I am VERY excited!

Allan is dealing with this current "situation" by going fishing.

A lot.

And every time he comes back tanned and relaxed, rejuventated.

So when he announced a mid week fishing trip .....

I said

"That's it..... I am crashing that fishing trip."

So we all are.

Even Spanner.

Yes - chocolate covered peanuts!
We will get up well before dawn and drive 3 hours east to an undisclosed destination (fishermen never tell) and then Lindsay and I and Spanner will find a spot on the shoreline and set up our day camp while the boys paddle away to fish.

The sausages are bbq'd, the potato salad chilling, the cooler ready, the snacks packed, the kindle charged, the boats on the roof of the truck.

I will maybe kayak a bit, read a magazine from cover to cover, snack, nap, walk the dog, put my toes in the water, sit in the sun and marvel at the mountains and the lake, snap a photo...... CHILL OUT!

And then when the fishing is done and the sun sinks we will drive 3 hours home.

Road trip, lake getaway.....sunshine, my family......Yippee!

And that will be my one day vacay.

 I am SO excited!

(and you thought this was going to be another miserable post didn't you?)

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