Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Last first day

As cliched as it sounds it feels like just yesterday she and her curly mop of hair and too big back pack
were off to kindergarten.

(The day the out of school care program tried to drop her at the wrong school and she refused to get off the bus...and opened her too big backpack and took out the paper I had put there for just such an eventuality....When retelling this story she said.... "when they read the paper Mom they said a bad word and drove very fast to my school"... I was livid but I see it's funny in hindsight.....and it was every bit an indication of what the school system should have been prepared for!).

Anyway.... back to now.

Because now is so hard to believe.

Now that spunky beautiful girl (who has learned to tame the curls) is walking to her last first day of school.

What a journey it has been and with what grace and courage she has faced the many battles and challenges thrown her way and overcome them one by one.  Each time learning a little more about herself, about friendship and loyalty, about learning and studying, about her support team.

Some memorable moments and memorable teachers..... some days we'd both rather forget.

But here we are....months from a graduation ceremony she may be more ready for than I am....but still a race to be run until the finish line can be breasted with a triumphant fist pump... that is the goal.

It's a tall order, it's going to be a very busy year and the support team is going to have to be there to love first and then hold her accountable to her work, help her navigate work and school
and sports and social stuff, keep her focused on the prize, hold her hand when the going gets tough and give her room to find her way through it all.

Lindsay Erin Elizabeth...... we love you, we believe in you, we are already proud of who you are.

Go get 'em Grad of 2015!

And lets not forget the Grade 10 boy we have on our hands....

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