Thursday, September 11, 2014


If you are only going to have one vacation day in a summer....... you best make it wonderful.


We wrung every moment out of the day....

We drove into sunrise and back into sunset

In between we had a great roadtrip there and back with requisite bad but good food....and car snacks.

We drove the winding road to the-lake-that-must-remain-nameless in early morning light and through patches of low lying fog...beautiful, green, eerie.

Lindsay had us in stitches of laughter with her smart mouth.  

We arrived at the lake while the dew was still heavy on the ground, the mist on the lake and the sun slowly creeping over the mountains.

We set up camp and the boys hit the lake in the canoe as fast as they could. 

Lindsay and I took a little walk, had a little snack, read a bit of our magazines, cuddled Spanner.....

Then I headed out in the kayak.

Why oh why don't I kayak more often?  To be so low on the water, water so clear you can see the bottom, to slowly glide close to a loon before it notices you and without a sound dives under the water...... to paddle through a still, deep pool perfectly reflecting the trees and sky, to hear something and try not to panic.....and then to see it...a beaver...munching on a tree 6 feet away, to see an otter playing in the water up ahead..and to round the corner and see two handsome fishermen, to watch Allan fly his element......

It. was. perfect.

I left the boys and paddled back to camp marveling at majestic mountains and a stunning lake..... right on the 49th parallel.....

The boys came back for lunch which was the perfect picnic especially after a good paddle in the fresh air.

The wind started to pick up and Allan headed out solo with Lindsay yakking beside him for a while but soon enough the kids and I were cuddled in sleeping bags resting while the wind howled..... it literally blew the tent down.

We packed up and just as we did the triumphant fisherman returned.

We have wanted to test Spanner in the canoe for a while so we took the opportunity and he did very well.....not quite a fisherdog yet but getting closer.

And so we wound our way down the mountain and back home, sleepy kids in the back, via coffee....

We unpacked and we were in bed by 9:30 - a very happy tired....

One day......but so much more!

PS: See that line in the trees on the far side of the lake?  That is the official 49th parallel - the border between Canada and "them".....

Check out this video - its fascinating.....
Canada Border line

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