Thursday, December 5, 2013

The walk has ended

I am sitting at my desk..... trying to finish up my list on this my last day of work in 2013.......and I have CNN live streaming in the background.

Nelson Mandela has died.

I saw it first on my FB feed........ like a hit to my chest...... a breathless audible "Noooo"

Slowly as I read and saw and listened to the reality started breaking through the numbness and the tears flowed as the sun set here......the unbelievable reality is hitting me that on Monday I will be standing on Robben Island, I will see the cell that held Nelson Mandela for so many can that be?.....that I would finally get to go back...after 20 years and he will be gone.....??

We now go to a country in the middle of 10 days of mourning..... we will be there as he is memorialized by the country and the world......we will never forget that.

Our hearts will ache.  The tears will flow again. 

What a sad gift to be going there now........what an honour.......

Hamba kahle Madiba

a few of his wise words

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