Monday, December 9, 2013

its the little things .....

Day 3 on the ground  in South Africa and already I want more.

More time.

We knew the start would be busy and it was but is also rushed us through the jet lag and we are pretty much on our feet...last night we all slept all night!  In my case it was red wine assisted after a memorable meal at a Turkish Restaurant (When in Cape Town do as the..... or not) with our dear friends from our home town who both happened to be at this end of the country and met up with us.....for a night out.

What an amazing thing friendship is..... deep roots really do anchor it.....

We had dinner with one of the flower girls from our wedding last night.....who was in town to make a Keynote address at an International conference on AIDS as a medical doctor/researcher.... and we hugged and then laughed and talked and discussed and 20 years of distance were erased.

And her Dad, our friend Rod,was there too, in town for a Board Meeting and he was "exactly the same" which is not to say he is "exactly the same' because of course 20 years is in fact 20 years and our bodies change but it is to say the "essence", the true person of Rod was as I remember him to always have been - the wit and humour and graciousness... And the children met a man they said reminded them of Papa (the story telling) and that is the thing....the small but important thing - finding the things buried deep in your DNA that suddenly make sense.

It's marvelous to see the kids "getting it", making connections, understanding....

It's seeing their faces when strangers say things we say - understand that that phrase, that word their crazy parents or grandparents have said come from a a real thing

For me it's hearing a long forgotten bird call, smelling the air, seeing products and remembering, hearing our history being talked about by tour guides and recalling high school history classes and previous tours.

As Lindsay said "It's all so familiar and yet all so different"....

My heart is full, my mind fuller

Its going to take some processing, this experience, this being "at home" but not "home".... this being seeing as other but wanting to belong....this wanting to be other and not belong.... I's confusing but its also amazing....I am choosing to embrace it all.

Today we have a slower day and we need it.....we cannot pack everyday full to the brim

Neither my body nor my heart can take it.
She was thoughtful and amazed

Same beach 22 years later


Top of Table Mountain Jump shot

We are on top of the world

Cable car up as the fog moved in

The Bo-Kaap (Malay area)

An political prisoner who was in jail at the same time as Mandela tells his story - moving

Mandela's cell window

PS - due to limited wi-fi am posting mostly unedited photos to save time - will post better FB albums as I am able.

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  1. Following your updates and delighted to see that you are there safe and enjoying! :) We miss you all already.