Monday, December 30, 2013

The sands of time......

I have been given strict instructions not to anticipate "the return to normal life".....but as the last 48 hours in South Africa draw near it's hard not to.... not only because despite my best intentions I have done virtually no thinking or planning for Frankfurt..... but because a week from today I will be at home.....

And this will be over.....

And yet it won't.....

For weeks and months and years it will live on in our memories and hearts.....and it may well take that long to process all the photos too!

After our Boxing Day adventure we were up early on the 27th and headed to Durban by the sea for an early morning bike ride with our cycling guru friend Rosie.... it was mizzly but humid and of course the bikes were all set and ready for us when we arrived.  We cycled the wide and quiet beachfront past many old haunts and seeing many new improvements on this famous stretch of beach front.  I did not knock over any locals or crash into anything despite wielding two cameras....and with no coffee on board!

We chatted and cycled and snapped our way there and back.  Great to see the legacy of the soccer world cup in stadiums and other amenities and improvements.

Great to chat to Rosie.... grateful for her time and effort.

We ended the ride and said our farewells and within  minutes the skies opened and the rain poured down.
For 20 minutes.

We did some shopping in the UShaka Mall and headed south to Amanzamtoti to another huge Mall.  Lindsay has patiently waited to do a little shopping and she did well.....that Rand/Dollar exchange makes it pretty good once you get over the sticker shock..... a t-shirt for R149.99 is $15 ish....

We then headed down the South Coast through fields of sugar cane to the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean and the rocky beaches and coarse sand and abundance of crabs and shells.  A great old big beach cottage with plenty of space and pool just feet from the beach.....ahhhh.

We did not exert ourselves much beyond eating, swimming, watching the cricket test, doing a puzzle, strolling on the beach, reading and chatting.....much cousin hi-jinx but also movie watching and hanging out.


We drove back to PMB today, making it through a random police check which was just random enough to provoke some anxiety but ended up being friendly.....and so 2013 draws to a close.

We are having supper with Allan's folks at their home tonight (although we have been with them almost every day we haven't been at their house) and then time to shop a bit tomorrow.  Lindsay is babysitting the kids while the Mc's and us have a dinner out and then we will all celebrate at home together.

On New Years day we are off to the Game Reserve for a game drive and then to pack and head out on the 2nd.

It has been such an adventure so far, so many many memories made..... this country has much to offer....much to see and enjoy..... .it will always have a hold on our hearts but it isn't home anymore for me....I am looking forward to being home but content to make the most of these last few days here and with our family.

Lindsay and I just hung the washing on the washing line and had a moment with a monkey..... never a dull moment!

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