Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fairest Cape

Whoever put the world on fast forward....please hit pause!

As everyone warned me....theses days are going too fast......

Cape Town was amazing - we got many many of our desired things done (sadly not all but that was likely not realistic)......

We saw CT from the top of Table Mountain and from across the bay on Robben Island....... We saw Penguins on Boulders Beach and saw the most south westerly point of the continent.... we saw where my parents went to Highschool, we saw the waterfront, we hiked the mountain from Kirstenbosch, we saw the beaches, the rugged coast and we drove the famous Chapmans Peak Drive ...

It was warm and sunny and windy....very Cape Town is famous for!

We ate good food in picturesque places.

Our accommodation was as we expected - warm and friendly and real.......also a bit noisy and very basic  but no surprises!

We are now across the bay in a town called Somerset West where my Richardson Grandparents lived for many years..... we saw their house today.

We also drove through the wine lands today - and through some very historic towns with magnificent Cape Dutch architecture.....and today was HOT!  34 degrees and not even a breeze!  We had lunch at a 300 year old winery and tasted wine at a few others.

We came home "ear;y" today and brought food to eat here - we are tired - all three of the others are battling bugs (Lindsay and Allan a nasty head cold with staying power and David with a tummy bug today) so we took some downtime this evening and it was welcome.  Tomorrow the surfers surf!

The continued visiting with old friends  5 sets now has been incredible....the welcome more than warm, the embraces heartfelt and the years so quickly dissolving....... Two highschool friends of mine and their beautiful families, a childhood friend of Allan's and her family and the Kriges....too complicated to explain our connection to them but dear, dear friends who hosted a lovely BBQ in their home for us.  In an amazing turn of events they knew my highschool friend Jan who lives about 3 houses away and we all got together - 4 boys swam and played and chatted all evening while the adults and Lindsay regaled one another with stories of intersecting lives..... we laughed .  My school friend Vera and her thee sweet littles took us on a great hike and we caught up as we talked and picnicked until it was dark and we were the last to leave the Gardens. We were joined by Allans friend Ingrid and her family for the picnic and a all the kids (including David) played games until the sun set!

How amazing to fall into these friendships again - to renew them face to face - a precious gift of time and provision from all of them.

And we continue to take in all that this beautiful and complicated land has to offer us.......the natural beauty, the respect for a leader lost - its everywhere,  a country frustrated with its leadership and yet so many people living ordinary daily lives.......the great wealth and desperate poverty and so many in between.......Allan and marvel at the memories triggered as we see things or places....memories long buried now resurfacing.

The children seem to be quietly taking it all in and then asking interesting and thoughtful questions.....they mined our friends for useful information from our youth so as to store them up for future sabotage no doubt...

If we could kick some of these bugs I think we'd all be most grateful.....we'd appreciate your prayers.

So as the sun sets over the majestic Helderberg mountains, the boys a having a quick swim while Lindsay takes a soak in the tub......I will sign off with some unedited photos from the last few days.....

Boulders Beach

The penguins

The Cape of Good Hope

Our guet house in CT - mountain with tablecloth on (mist)

Clifton Beach  - on the cold Atlantic side

Hout Bay from Chapmans Peak

Wynberg Girls

Wynberg Boys


Cape Dutch Arcitecture

Boschendal Winery

The Helderberg Mountains


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