Saturday, July 20, 2013

Well loved

I am likely in one of the busiest times in my career at the moment with another 6-8 weeks to go at this pace.  

Tough going, exciting, anxious...... just a carry and manage.

And its the summer.

And my family all have more down time than I (Although Allan is teaching an online Physics course and Lindsay is taking an online physics course :)).  

So on Thursday night I voiced my desire to have a beach picnic supper on Friday after work.

By the time I came home from work they had the whole thing planned.  

I asked a few questions....and I kept hearing "We got it" "We got it"...... Allan suggested I relax and enjoy.

So I did.

They packed the truck.  They unpacked it at the beach.  They set up our spot.

A perfect spot right at the edge of the lapping ocean where I could stand in the ocean and let the cares of the week wash away...... out to sea. 

What made my hear sing is that they did this picnic exactly (maybe better) than I would.  Although they often mock my over preparedness, the fact I like to have a table and a table cloth even at a picnic....they brought it all.....even china plates and real cutlery.....They outdid me at my own game.

Not because they do things that way but because they loved me enough to do it that way.  

It brought that tight-throated, eye stinging teariness to me..... to be lucky enough to be so loved.

   I let it wash over me as the waves washed over my feet. 

      I let it fold its way around my shoulders like the breeze 

         I let it glow in my heart as the world glowed in the sunset.

I am not sure I could have been happier anywhere else in the world last night. 

I know I didn't want to be anywhere else.

It was a gift beautifully, thoughtfully and lovingly given and my heart could literally burst from gratitude and love.

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