Thursday, July 18, 2013

Aunty Portland

If Portland was a family member she would be an elegant but eccentric old and sassy but hippy and a little trippy at times....the one you never quite know how she might behave at a family function...either the life and soul of the party or completely inappropriate and "out there".

No matter what ...... she is endearing and you always want to hang out with her.

Portland is like that.

We love the quirkiness and the elegance all mixed in together.

The polished and the poor, the wonderful and the weird, the cultured and the uncouth...all there to be noticed and noted and enjoyed or ignored.

But none of it would be as rich without the other parts.

I was there for 6 days with a friend (a different post on the things she and I did later).

My family drove down for 2.5 days and we packed in so much.

We did our usual family list of "have-to's" - Powells Books, Habibi's Lebanese Food, Food carts, Blueplate milkshakes, shopping in the Pearl District, walking by the river, lots of walking, Stumptown coffee and voodoo doughnuts.

We stayed in our favourite hotel but for the second time had an issue with our booking....we were "upgraded" to the Presidential Suite which was not ideal for a family of 4 but we managed!

We also did new things : The Portland Saturday Market and the World Market, Mississippi Avenue (an new and hip foodie street), took lots of transit ($5 pp for a day pass on train and streetcar), tried some local craft beer, walked the Alphabet District, new places to eat.....

It was a lovely visit....fulfilling and yet not enough....leaving us wanting to come back again knowing we need more time to do our ever growing list of Portland loves.  And keep on venturing to new neighbourhoods and areas and trying new things.

Like looking forward to tea with that quirky Aunt of yours, getting to know her better, enjoying her company.

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