Saturday, July 27, 2013

Crafty Mental Break

My life is utterly insane at the moment.  

My current big new facility project is off the rails.......the finish line was in sight and now it is maddeningly disappeared around a corner again.

My family have listened to so many long sad/mad rantings of mine I am sure they are sick to death of it all.

As am I!

So I was delighted to have a friends 50th Birthday Present to think about.  

I decided to hand write her 50 inspirational quotes and sayings (which was the hardest part of the project - not the writing - but finding the right/best quotes for her).

I couldn't quite decide how to present them.  

I wanted them to be pretty so they could sit out somewhere in her home and she could pull them out on any given day for a know she was loved.

A little wander around Michaels and I had a solution.  

In another triumph of creativity without the assistance of Pinterest .... here is my little project....

Ta - Da!  

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