Friday, July 19, 2013

Best laid plans.....

For the last 4 summers I have been meeting my high school friend Leigh (who lives in Orange County California) for a girls trip -  a la "Thelma and Louise" without the tragic ending.

We have had some adventures, seen some beautiful places, stayed in some luxurious spots, taken many photos (Leighs passion, my hobby), eaten interesting meals and made some memories.

We are both very busy women with busy jobs with much responsibility.  It is hard for us to create this space in our lives.  To get away. To sustain and grow our friendship. To do something outside of the busyness and business of regular day to day life.

We both arrived in Portland with pretty big work burdens on our shoulders. 

With my new centre opening in a matter of weeks I had to be in touch with my office or my email daily.  I had the "luxury" of a limited data plan so I checked in sparingly and used the free wifi at the hotel when necessary but was relatively out of touch (even if my head was busy with "Stuff")

Leigh was not so lucky.....her work calls started within an hour of us being at the hotel and hardly let up for the 3 days we were together.  She tried to ignore some of the emails and calls and texts but mostly she couldn't.  Clients and staff needed her and in a sales driven job in the tech sector in a recovering economy she felt she was in no position to ignore it.

Of course instead of modifying what we had planned to do we tried to do it all as well as catch up with one another and work.  

I don't think it was satisfying for either of us in the end.

We did see some new and interesting places, some beautiful landscape, took many photos, made a dash to the Oregon coast and back, ate too many meals too late to really linger and enjoy......certainly not uninterrupted.

I know I was tired going in and the pace wore me down.....I struggled with sleep, my shoulder was killer sore.....

It wasn't our best trip.  But they can't all be the best trip can they?

I am choosing to remember the bits I enjoyed.  

The drive up the Columbia River on the historic byway which passes some amazing viewpoints and waterfalls. 

The Portland Japanese Gardens in their exquisite attention to detail and the lovely dappled light we enjoyed there.  

I am never sorry to stick my toes in the sand so even though our trip to the coast was brief I enjoyed the sunset at Canon Beach.  

I enjoyed wandering in the Pearl District boutiques and shops.

I have suggested before, and maybe this trip proved the point, that a spa vacation in a good destination is in order.  A resort  where we can sleep and eat and not get caught up in a crazy itinerary that leaves us tired.  But maybe that's just the tired me talking. 

I wouldn't place bets on us getting this right anytime soon.

But I guess we just keep trying?

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