Monday, February 4, 2013

The weekend of aging

On Friday night at dinner I said "I did nothing today" and my family cheered and high fived me.

I was a little nonplussed.

Of course I did things but only things I chose to do - I didn't run one errand, no groceries, no banking, no appointments scheduled....... I lounged in bed a little longer, chatted with my parents and in-laws, had a surprise delivered to the front door, responded to SO many Facebook messages, listened to CBC.....

Then I donned some of my new run swag and went for a really great 3.5km run. My first morning run.

Then I showered and took my tired tootsies (after 6 straight days of working out daily which may be a new record for me?) to have a much needed pedicure.  It was lovely - the place was quiet - they did a great job - I watched mindless TV and played scrabble on my phone, and read more lovely Facebook messages.

I then met my parents for a lovely lunch and catch up (causing me to put my shoes on before my polish was totally dry and wrecking my pedicure - so I returned to the salon and they did a quick touch up!).

I was home for a bit  and then off for a massage which although a bit torturous feels great afterwards.

Followed by a great family wander into the village for a dinner of BBQ.

Somehow these evening always end in shenanigans.  And why is the Christmas bow still on the house?

It was a truly great day.  Maybe the high fives I got were meant to encourage me to do nothing more often..... something tells me they wouldn't love that after a while.

On Saturday the boys headed to New West and won a soccer game that puts them within one win of ending the season at the top of the league!  Go Richmond FC!

Lindsay and I headed to Granville Island for Family dinner supplies.

But we went via Sweet Spot Bakery in Steveston for their fresh and incredible brioche.  We tried their cranberry and custard

We had a lovely morning buying cheeses and pates and vegetable and fruit and baguettes at the Market and wandered around the shops a bit too.  I love a car filled with bags of wonderful goods!

The afternoon was a whirlwind in the kitchen as my family prepared an amazing dinner that my parents joined us for.

Lindsay made a gourmet chocolate cake with whipped butter cream icing topped with fresh raspberries.

ALL so much love........

On Sunday after church I went for a 5km run in the fog - my worst run ever (out of 5 :) - I was hungry, not well hydrated and cold. 

We did a little party planning and a quick trip to Michaels for supplies before my body called a halt and I spent the evening in bed reading and listening to CBC and catching up on Facebook......

Full circle from Friday morning.......

A wonderful 3 days of feeling very loved and spoiled and grateful..... I think I will do it again next year!

PS: Not to forget this wonderful cake my staff got me on Thursday!

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