Monday, February 18, 2013

Purple sparkly boots - A love letter

Dear PPH

I have known you since before you were a twinkle in your parents eyes....I watched you grow in your Mamas tummy and I held you the day you were born.

It wasn't that day you stole my heart.....that happened without me realising it.

That first couple weeks was rough and I was so worried about your Mama and so proud of your Dad.  I am so grateful everything turned out well.

I was sitting looking through old photo's the other day and I saw so many of you as a baby.  Your many faces, your pointing finger, your smile that crinkles your eyes shut, your determined nature, they way you found every speck of dirt on my carpet......somewhere in there I fell in love with you.

I think you remind me a lot of another little girl I knew 15 years ago.  You are both beautiful and spunky and hilarious and curious....and yes, at times defiant.

Those are all great qualities that will help you as you grow up even if they drive Mom and Dad a bit crazy at times.

We have had so much fun together on walks and adventures, I have rocked you to sleep, snuggled, run races, jumped off logs, read stories.  I made you walk into daycare with one shoe on because you took the other one off when I told you "No", we have shared many meals and many stories and I have hundreds of photos of you.

I saw these sparkly purple boots on Saturday and I bought them for you.  Because I love you and because your parents are moving and taking you to Outer Mongolia  Edmonton and I want your feet to be warm.

And I want you to remember that I love you like crazy.

 I am going to miss you like crazy.

So dance in those boots, stomp if you have to, run like the wind, twirl and jump and walk.....but always know those aren't just boots, they are a love letter from me.

Love you sweet girl and I hope you always remember the right answer to "Who loves you?"

Lots of love


PS:  I love your Mom and Dad and your sweet brother to the moon and back too.

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