Monday, February 25, 2013

Another Weekend Whizzes by

It's a bit of a "thing" in my life that the busier I am the busier I get......  Work is insanity at the moment, home is busy is busy.

But instead of relaxing on weekends like a normal person might,  the last few weekends have been busy too, by my/our own making in some cases.

This weekend was no exception.

Weeks ago we decided to have an Oscar Party.  We love to throw parties - especially on themes. We started well, lots of gold card for invitations, gold plates and napkins and all manner of ideas for red carpets, photo booths etc.  But we neglected to make and send the invites. 

So on Thursday or Friday I sent out a tacky but effective Facebook and Email invite and we quickly assembled 15 guests. Of course this left NO time for all my grandiose ideas for decorations which ended up being a gold tablecloth and the aforementioned gold plates and napkins.  I also printed out Oscar Ballots and an "adlib" acceptance speech which my friend SG rocked and received her Golden Bunny (thank you Lindt chocolate).  I don't think anyone but me really missed all the decorations.....
but I assure you this was just a momentary lapse.

And so for the food......we are notorious over caterers and this party was no exception. Although I was pretty sure my assualt on Superstore had taken care of the food Allan felt the need to try 3 different recipes all with 3 different types of dough (one for the first time) on Sunday with mere hours to the Oscars starting.  So we had way too much food but it was all delicious (especially Allan's mushroom turnovers and curried beef empanadas) and amazing and we have enough leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner today and likely tomorrow!

It was a fun evening, a little chaotic as usual but I was glad we did it....we have such great friends.

The rest of the weekend was a blur of soccer, coffee, driving teen girls around the town, coffee, chatting with friends, coffee, shopping for food, coffee, cleaning the house, coffee, laundry..... I managed both my weekend runs and a Jazzercise class and we had a lovely dinner at Steveston Vietnamese on Friday night and went to a good concert put on by the Richmond Ochestra and Choir on Saturday night.

We fell into bed last night tired but happy.

Not exactly rested for the week ahead.

But when has they ever stopped us.

And there is

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