Sunday, May 1, 2016

Beautiful Days

I love that some of you miss me when my blog is quiet... I appreciate the love.

This spring has arrived in such a lovely way...warm days, long evenings, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the greening of the leaves and grass, the crazy growth of plants...and just in time the Masters had a 3 week break. 

I have been allowing the beautiful days to restore my soul.  

I'm not sure I realized just how much I needed these days to walk and garden and chat and cook and be with my peeps

I know the masters is only for a season (and that I am actually not doing the hard work )but it's a tough season and we'll learn to relish these little breaks. 

Having both the kids home and spending some time doing things around the house and in the yard together, ordinary stuff, fills my heart right up.

Add to that some fun events, great times with friends, good food, projects completed, long walks, celebrations... and all is quite well in my world tonight.

So that's it.  

Blessed with beautiful days.



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