Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mr D

On Tuesday I head to pick Lindsay up... and bring her home !

That's right!  

First year is over!  She rocked it and I survived!

Of course I'm delighted that the 4 Byres will be home for exactly 8 weeks.

That is until David heads to Kelowna for the whole Summer.  

Yes, the whole summer.

Waaaa - this is the lot of the mother of older teens...One in one out!

This past 8 months with just Mr D at home has been great.

I have loved the time I have had to spend with him, drive him to soccer and youth etc.  He is such a great companion.  Never short of a topic to discuss or debate.  A ready accomplice for any adventure especially if food or photography were involved. Loving and smart and funny. He gives the best hugs.

We didn't exactly up his culinary repertoire or reform his lack of homework focus but we have coached and listened and loved this growing boy and are proud of the young man he is.

I am ever grateful my kids have made parenting the teen years easy for me and that they are growing in to adults I so enjoy being around is one of the things in my life I feel the most blessed about.

Thanks David for being my sidekick these past months - I have loved it and I love you to infinity and beyond! 

Here's to more adventures!  

PS - David has a new photo website  - you should check it out!  David's Photography

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