Saturday, May 21, 2016


Recipe for Nicky's perfect Saturday


1. Sun (can substitute for cloudy if no precipitation)

2. Peeps (as many Byres as possible - today only 3 because 1 is in Kelowna getting a sneak peek at his summer digs)

3. Destination (anywhere will do but prefer new ground to cover - today downtown Van-City - east-ish)

4. Good coffee (prefer hipster vibe with excellent, local, organic, hand-roasted beans made into superb, smooth, creamy long Americano)

5.  Baked goods. Duh.

6. Cool shops (prefer realistic prices for cool goods but hello. Vancouver.) 

7. Book stores (old, cluttered, musty - mmm)

8. Architecture (prefer red brick but geometric buildings can be substituted)

9.  Alley ways

10. A non-descript restaurant with unbelievable ramen, pork belly in pork broth (no substitute acceptable - if you can get a window seat and watch downtown east side life unfold outside, even better)

11. Transit (no parking issues and more people watching)

12. Happy puppy

13.  Tea in the backyard - in a t-shirt - in May

14. Gardening (growing good green stuff and processing piles of local strawberries)

15.  More peeps for dinner - lamb BBQ.

16. Dessert donuts from Downtown (with a hunky hubby)

17. Music 

18. Booking a small getaway

19. Honey Jack Daniels

20. My jammies and a good book.

Mix together, smile and count your blessings.

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