Monday, March 21, 2016

We sailed the seas...

It was brief but it checked lots of boxes.

Our mini-break.

The hotel we were so excited to return to has changed hands and was a little less than hoped but
still a much enjoyed hot pool and king size bed experience.  Followed by a lovely walk in the neighbourhood the next morning with Mount Baker looming large and clear although it's in another country and many miles away.

David survived St Pats on Campus with Lindsay and enjoyed hanging with the Uni peeps and attending 3 classes with her on Friday before we scooped them up and headed for the ferry to Salt Spring Island.

Being on or close to the water is such a joy for me.  I really can't get enough of the boats and the ocean and the mountains.

Whenever I book a vacation rental on AirBnB or VRBO or even directly with the owners from a listing, I am usually holding my breath as we arrive hoping that my highly developed detective skills have not missed a glaring fault with the place.... we have had a few "incidents" in the past but this time things were almost exactly as I hoped.  No surprises.  The quaint tiny cottage was perfectly set up by a thoughtful owner which made for our easy enjoyment. PHEW.  The added bonus of it being a  fully sustainable little farm we were on with an array of colorful chickens producing colorful, organic eggs suited us to a T...and on a tidal inlet...and with eagles in the tree across the water.

The weather cooperated mostly and I felt the warmth of sunshine on my face a couple of times...once on this beautiful beach where I could have spent a great deal of time...and Lindsay contemplated dropping out of University and becoming a Salt Spring Hippie.

We explored a bit, found the cheese company and sampled cheese and the kids played with the kids.

Wandered in towns and villages, visited a winery and took a beautiful hike through the forest to a beach.

We sat under ever changing skies in the hot tub and talked of all manner of things.

We cooked and ate well and enjoyed long stretches of down time.  Movies were watched. Books read.

And then it was time to leave.  Two ferries.  One goodbye (if only for a couple days).

And now home with a very happy puppy that was well loved at home by his new fans Erik and Ana.

It was a lovely and gentle way to welcome Spring and take a deep breath.  We left much to explore for when we we shall.

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