Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday

It is likely some sort of life lesson that on this solemn day in my faith I ended up filing the taxes for the three wage earners in this family.

It's a task I find extremely stressful and this year with wacks of tuition to account for it was especially so.  Turbo tax is kind enough to keep a running ticker of your refund (or lack thereof) as you go through.  

I started with thousands in the red.  

And managed to claw my way back to a tiny bit of black after using every last deduction I was legally entitled to thanks to the promptings of the annoyingly cheerful little lightbulb on the tax software who kept popping up with "warnings" to direct me to ever more complicated calculations.

So while I fueled up on coffee and the family kept a safe distance and I tried to swear infrequently...I was relieved to see that things turned out much as we expected they would.  

And once I had filed it all - packed away all the papers in the relevant file...I sighed a huge sigh of relief.

Good Friday indeed.  

Wait.... Good Friday is not about taxes but it is about debts cancelled.

I was struck that my personal debts, for my wayward living and daily falling short of expectations, for my own behaviour were cancelled, turned from red to black, by the immense sacrifice made today on my behalf.  

The hymn linked below is synonymous with Easter for me - I am sure my fellow Epworthians and Anglicans will share similar memories... That green hill was far away but it's relevance is here, today.  

I'm grateful.

There was a Green Hill far away

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