Sunday, March 13, 2016

Change of Plans

It's Spring Break.

My timehop app reminds me how we usually feel at Spring Break.

We usually feel like fleeing.


5 of the last 8 years we have hit the road as the final school bell tolled.

It's true we have had a warm and sunny winter but the last two weeks have hurled a lot of rain and wind our way and my cells know there is sun somewhere and they are on high alert.


With 2 University Students in our family of 4 who do not get Spring Break my sun cells are out of luck.

We are not heading south.

However despite no vacay time and budget of close to zero thanks to tuition payments I hatched
a crafty plan to a) leave home b) leave the dog c) have a break d) have an adventure e) have all
my peeps all to myself for 3 whole days!


We set sail on our cruise ship ferry on Thursday and like all responsible parents we are sending David to have a UVic experience with his sister..... on St.Patricks Day!!  Yikes.

Allan and I will check in to our fave hotel and soak in the hot mineral pools on the oceans edge for one kidless night.  I think we are both literally hanging on until we don the fluffy white robes and wander down to the pool and sink into the warm water and sip a beer.

We don't even care if it rains.

On Friday we pick up the Uni kids after class and head off on a small ferry to Salt Spring Island to this delightful cottage for 3 nights. It has an ocean view and a hot tub we intend to sit in and watch the stars.

We haven't spent a lot of time on the Gulf Islands so this checks a few boxes in the exploring and discovery department.  It is merely a coincidence that this particular island has it's own coffee roasting company.

Lindsay is ready for some home cooking after her longest stretch at UVic without coming home so we have a meal plan that satisfies her top requests - so steak, steak, steak and rice.   And we plan to do some walks, some naps, some reading and lots of hanging out and chatting and catching up.

It won't be Disney, or San Diego or Monterey or Laguna but it will be just right for us, for now.

And if the sun shines with a tiny bit of warmth my cells will do a little happy dance.

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