Monday, March 28, 2016

Things I will miss

It was only a few days but we used them well.  

Here are some of the things I will miss about Spring Break 2016

1. The absence of the alarm

2. Brunch. With bacon. Always.

3. Midday walks with Allan and Spanner

4. Sitting on my sofa in the afternoon sun

5. Reading good books too late at night

6. Back-to-back episodes of "Fixer Upper" on the couch with Spanner and others 

7. Having 4 Byres

8. Puttering around the house and garden and getting a few things sorted out

9. Doing groceries in the middle of the morning (I hate going after work!)

10. Sitting in the kitchen with the french doors open

11. Long conversations with Masters Man about his research and writing

12.  Unstressful meal prep

13. Music playing all day

14.  Tringles 

15. The constant comings and goings of teens

16. Cider.  At lunch.

17. Time to think, wander, dream...

Now to hold on to some of these through the sprint to the Summer... maybe not Cider at lunch?

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