Friday, June 19, 2015


The time has come.  

I must face the facts.

Right after I turned 45 someone pointed out my blog tagline was now incorrect.

Let's not dwell on the fact it was my therapist who pointed it out.

He was the first but not the last.

It's not that I was avoiding it... ok maybe I was avoiding it just a little bit. 

But not so much for the age part...for that is unavoidable and although my actual age actually catches me by surprise is more about how fast I went from 41-45.

I know it is no faster or slower than anyone else on the planet but I feel a bit of
panic in my belly at how much has happened in the few years since I inadvertently started to blog.  

Maybe it feels fast because I have taken the time to write some of it down? I have a record of when things actually happened, not just some vague idea that I may think was "recently" but is actually "years ago".  

And why does "years ago" sometimes feel like "yesterday"?

So as I now change the tagline to reflect my age more accurately I am beating down my alarm at the passing years and reading back over posts and feeling grateful for the fullness of the years, the joys, frustrations, trips, laughs, food, adventures, friendships that have made these years rich and satisfying.

Dear Second-Half-of-my-40's...Please slow the heck down.  Please.

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