Monday, June 29, 2015

Rhythm and Blues

Today was the first official day of the summer of 2015, if you ascribe to the school calendar, which 3/4 of my family do.

This is the day the rhythm changes.

The mornings are quieter, slower.  
The afternoons long (and at this moment also VERY hot).  
The evenings light and lovely.

People make plans, got to parties, BBQ, go camping, read in the backyard with their feet in the dogs new pool...and stuff, relaxing stuff.

My people do that.  

They are a chilling crew with adventures and naps ahead of them.  And fishing.  The boys off on a camping/fishing trip for 4 days tomorrow.

Their new rhythm = my blues

Because my rhythm is unchanging.  My alarm is still going off at 6am (and to be fair Allan is still teaching 3 days a week albeit with a later start and Lindsay has work too many days).  I came home today at 6pm after a meeting and no dinner even started...too hot, too lazy, too distracted by summer.

I love their new rhythm...I just wish it was mine too.

So on this hot evening after I did my fitbit steps I settled in to their rhythm and ate ice cream.

Because summer is here and so it #heatwave2015.

On August 19th our rhythm's will finally all be to the same beat, the beat of swaying Hawaiian palms,  as we board a plane to Maui for a week on this beach! 

Yes.  I am counting the sleeps.  

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