Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lake Loop

Week 2.  Hike 2. 

We inducted two new members of the Yo Yo Hiking Club and headed out to Buntzen Lake earlyish Saturday morning (50km from home).

In what is fast becoming a tradition, we grabbed a fresh croissant on the way...because...fuel..and the knowledge the butter would have no time to settle on our hips before we melted it on the hike...right?

We arrived early enough to be in the first row of parking which is also becoming a benchmark for how busy we might find the trail.

Allan and Spanner led the way and I have now assumed my place at the back of the pack.  Which is good for photography and doesn't slow everyone else down too much although the do keep looking back to make sure I haven't been eaten by a bear.

This easy 8km was a) not exactly easy and b) also not 8km.  My fitbit had logged 11km by the time the parking lot came into view after 2.5 hours of pretty non-stop hiking. And although the path started out wide and flat and lulled me into a false sense of easy...

There were soon some steep climbs that my legs had no problem with but my lungs tried jumping out of my chest.  The noise that sounded like a herd of elephants approaching on the trail was in fact the sound of blood pumping through my ears.  Each time I recovered pretty quickly only to be faced with another steep section.  I am calling this interval training which I think is pretty legit.  I am a big open mouth breather / panter when exerting...another good reason to be way back lest people think a Mastadon is chasing down the path behind them.

The trail was varied but mostly wooded with the occasional views of the lake that were beautiful with crystal clear water and wooded slopes. Coming to North Beach after 2/3 of the hike made me wish I had a bathing suit on!

Spanner did so well on his first hike and got better and better at leaving people and other dogs alone and walking on.  It is an on-leash area and it bugs me to no end that so many dog owners do not leash their dogs.  There is a huge sign saying it's a $115 fine and a ban from the park if you are caught but we seldom see any enforcement.  Seeing as most people were doing the loop in the reverse direction I took great pleasure in telling people there was a ranger ahead of them and seeing them scramble to leash their dogs.   Yup, I am that person.

It was a great hike, a very good work out, so my butt tells me this morning, and a reminder of just what a stunning place we live in.  By the time we got back the park was almost full and the sun was hot at 25 degrees.

I'd like to tell you we came home and had a productive afternoon but after lunch and a shower we kept the couches company for a while.  

Allan and I met friends for Sushi  (followed by gelato) on Commercial Drive (locals - Kishimoto - amazing!) on a perfect Summer night.

Another super Saturday! 

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