Sunday, June 14, 2015

A hike (and a highway) with a view (or two)

Some weekends are pretty wonderful.

Some are barely a break.

This weekend was the former.

From a delightful Farm to Table dinner at Terra Nova farm with friends on a perfect evening...

To a drive on the ever unpredictable but always magnificent Sea-To-Sky Highway listening to 15 year old boys chatter away about school and technology and the appropriate length of finger nails.

To a well used 2 hour wait for said boys to do the Britannia Mining Museum tour.  Lindsay and I did some more hill training by hiking up a mountain side road and were rewarded with views, magnificent views.  A stunning reminder of just how lucky we are to live here.  Having just seen a dreadful accident on the highway, also a reminder that we were lucky to be hiking, healthy and alive.  I have loved all our hikes so far but this one seemed really perfect to me as we crisscrossed the river, taking switchbacks up and up.  And then the speedy descent!

We saw this property for sale and stood and dreamed a little while about waking up to that view everyday...until we remembered the snow that will come, the highway that has to be travelled to get anywhere (not to mention the price tag of said view).

Onward to drop the boys at the campsite in the woods after driving through this magical tree tunnel.  This was a final hurrah for the Explorations program David has been in for the last 3 years and a great time was had by all thanks to 3 dedicated teachers! (and some dedicated parent drivers).

Lindsay braved the cold cold water of the river for a second or two...the color of the water caused by glacial run off is beautiful to see though.

Traffic was mad coming home and after a lunch stop and a shopping stop it was 5pm when we walked in the door to Allan who had been marking all day.  By 6pm we were showered and out the door to see a movie, for me, my annual trip to the movies, to see Spy.  A good laugh and then a bite to eat  before we retired to bed tired but oddly refreshed from a day completely and utterly recreational.

Sunday morning we did the whole drive again to collect the boys but Allan drove this time and I enjoyed the views from the passenger seat.

Lindsay had baked cinnamon rolls while we were gone and we had a little family catch up over coffee and fresh warm rolls in the sun before work and groceries and reports and marking and laundry demanded attention.

Looking forward to a BBQ dinner and a walk in the sunset with my peeps.

The next two weeks are a zoo as the last two weeks of June always are but with university course registration, Grad and Provincial exams thrown in to make it extra fun!

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