Sunday, June 29, 2014


Our work.

Our paid work.

Being paid for our work.

These things have been on my mind for obvious reasons - like Allan not getting paid recently due to the ongoing (please let them reach a deal by tomorrows deadline!!) labour dispute.

Like me working a gazillion hours with no over time pay.

But that's life. We'll be fine.  "Normal" life will resume soon hopefully.

However our children have long been wanting to work.

I pondered in THIS post about my feelings on teenagers working through their precious summers and even through busy school terms.

It really is quite normal here and this year Lindsay was determined to get a job.  A real job.  Because sadly taking care of young children responsibly and creatively doesn't "count" as job experience.  She dutifully drafted a resume and I edited it.

She took it around Steveston and dropped it off in various places.
"No thank you. You don't have any experience".  
"No thank you. We want someone who can work days in the Fall"

At about the same time I was on a local FB chat page and saw a local business person who owns a franchise was looking specifically for student help.

I sent in Lindsay's resume.
Then I remembered to tell her.

She was called for an interview.  Her references were called.  She completed a 2 hour in store orientation on Saturday and VOILA Miss Lindsay Byres is employed.

12-18 hours a week.  Ongoing after the summer adjusted to after school and weekend hours.

I am so proud of her!

She is very happy to have a part time flexible job that will give her retail and customer service experience.  I am grateful to a business that gives students a chance.

At about the same time all this was happening I posted in the FB Chat group that I had two reliable babysitters who could also mow lawns (David) and walk dogs.

I was quickly overwhelmed with interested folks in the community clamoring for all their services.  It was a crazy few days following up with so many people and setting up lawn mowing and meeting families for babysitting and pricing out dog walking....... Both kids have been hired - David has a few lawns to mow this summer every couple of weeks as well as some babysitting which he loves and has offers of more in the Fall..  Lindsay has met some families looking for a babysitter and I am sure will be busier than ever very soon.

They are getting out and about in the community, we have met some families who live close to us and the children both enjoy helping others while earning some money.

David is still saving for his trip to France and will shortly be having a garage sale to boost his fund.  And Lindsay is saving for a Grad trip to New York next Spring......and University, of course!

I am grateful we live in a community that allows them these opportunities to grow up and become responsible young adults...... though it pulls a little at the Mama heart strings to see them become more and more independent.

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