Thursday, June 26, 2014

Filled up

There is so much that is a drag right now.

Much I could rage on (and on) about.

I didn't buy a ticket for the Mad/Sad ride but somehow I am on it.

And it doesn't show any signs of slowing or stopping.

But in the midst of all this....this crazy ride.... I have choices.

I can dwell on it.  I can allow it to be the horizon.


I can dwell on things that fill me up and lift my head and my vision to a different horizon.

While I am, by nature, more Eeyore than Pollyanna...... I am here to celebrate some things that have filled me up, lifted me up this week (or so)

1. Rampant honking.   I have honked (hooted for those of you in the colonies) at every picket line I could find.  I drive very odd routes just to honk my support.  Solidarity is a powerful thing.

2. Time with my Honey.  He needs his spirits lifted a lot right now and I have tried to make time to connect and walk and talk with him...... we needed that... we need to know we can get through this potentially challenging summer together. We've got each others backs.  Plus he's handsome.

3. My kids..... yup those sometimes challenging teenagers also make me laugh until I cry with their smart mouths and quick wits and those endless meme's and junk they find online that are both hilarious and horrifying (sometimes at the same time).  The hugs and back scratches (top 10 reason to have a child in the first place is a getting a good back scratch) the valiant attempts to clean their rooms..... lots to love.

4. Friends.  I have had so many wonderful chats with new and old friends, so much concern shown. Friends near and far.... friends who call or email or Whats ap or text .... friends are such a blessing.  I am rich in friends.

5. My house has been full.  I love to entertain and even in these times of austerity we managed to have a couple of gatherings this week.  A tender and heartfelt reunion of several women who once worked with me, years ago - we caught up and shared where life has taken us.... proud to know them and blessed they wanted to reconnect.

The other a much bigger and more raucous gathering of 30 youth and their parents from St. Johns Richmond.  A summery BBQ in a decked out backyard..... I loved having the kitchen humming and the yard full.  Such a great bunch.

6. Work - I have had a new perspective on my much lamented workload  - at least I have it.  As so many around me struggle for work, are out of work not by their choosing etc.... I am grateful for work.  Still more grateful for meaningful work.

7 - 200.  toes in the sand, sunsets, puffy clouds, a brown lab named Spanner, spicy wontons, a starbucks card that still has $ on it, frozen yogurt bought by Dad, family walks, peonies, a new mortgage (soon),  my car getting fixed, casual dinners, iPhoneography,  the fun of moving into a new child care centre, church, helping a stranger, wine (especially as it was given as a gift!), my blog passing the 100,000 views mark, holding a tiny babe for a while, my pillow, homemade

Feeling filled up and choosing to keep my head up.  Will only succumb to brief rants directed at politicians who disrespect teachers........ oh boy.....head up Nicky......Head up....... focus on the good.

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