Sunday, June 1, 2014


It was another stellar week at work.

I can't even talk about it.

There were no "wins".

The weekend rolled around just in time to save my sanity.

Except that I had to do a Costco run to save my family from sure starvation.

On Friday evening.

Lindsay came with me and we got it done and had some sushi together while the boys set up the carving show at the community centre.

 Saturday I had errands to run and a dear friend to lunch with.

A friend who needed my time.

We talked and caught up and made plans over lunch in her beautiful yard on a stunning sunny day.

We had dinner with friends - time to chat, sit down, laugh, and fellowship.  And spicy homemade cesars...... an acquired taste :)

During dinner Lindsay texted me to ask if I would shop with her (birthday money burning a hole in her pocket).

When your 17 year old daughter wants to spend time with you...... well...... you say yes without taking a breath.

Because is doesn't feel like time is on my side with her.

My heart aches as each birthday feels like one step closer to her choosing someone else to shop with on a sunny Sunday.

I totally get that.  I totally want that for her. When she is ready.

Until then I say yes every time I possibly can.

So after church  today we headed downtown on the train.

We ate crepes

And then this happened.

She had a list, she spent her money thoughtfully and completely.

My heart is so grateful for the time we had today.

I have folded it away in my heart to savour.

I just finished writing a couple of reports I had to find time for and we had a lovely family BBQ to celebrate a successful weekend at the Carving show for Allan. David worked hard at the show as the youngest member of the club - an able registrar and general helper!

And the weekend time is over.

Tomorrow the consequences of not winning last week have to be dealt with.
Tomorrow I see my beloved family doctor for the last time before she closes her practice.
Tomorrow Allan walks the picket line again.
Tough times.

And then on Wednesday at the crack o' dawn I fly to London Ontario with my colleague JC for a conference we are both very much looking forward to.

So now its time to see how small of a suitcase I can pack in to.

Time - its given to us all - up to us how we use it.

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