Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - The indignity of a bath

So there I was - just lying around on a sunny evening!
This blue box looks like fun!! What could it be for?

Ooooh What has Dad got?

Hey - I can bite it!!

My Dad is so handy..a hook in the fence...what fun!

How did I not see this coming...How?  

OH NO - here comes that blue box - I knew it was fishy

Sure Dad Sure....

Oh fantastic....I am a sitting duck

Dude - too far, too far.... leave my tail out of this!

I will stick my tongue out if I want to!

If I kiss you will you stop??

Grrrreat...the scrubbing brush..... Just great.

When will it end?

Well that is a deep rinse all right.... 

HA HA HA - Gotcha!!! 

Are you serious......really....more???

Noooow you want me dry...make up your mind!!

Does this tiger make my butt look big?

I know I know.... I am Gorgeous.....but HE is still wearing crocs!

After all that I have to stay outside??

OK lady - last shot - make it good - I am done with you people.

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