Monday, May 13, 2013


Mothers Day weekend can be stressful for Mothers like me who are doers.  

We don't often sit long enough to be loved on.

We prefer to be the ones loving and busy.

This mothers day I think I got the balance just right.

On Saturday I worked out and ran some errands and did the groceries.  

Then I headed out with these three to a huge craft fair downtown.
As always we had a fun time together, chatting and shopping and snacking and laughing.  

When we got home Allan had been slaving over the kitchen and the BBQ for hours, my Dad arrived with a feast of tasty appetizers and a bottle of wine, David set the table and Lindsay immediately set about making key lime pies in small mason jars.

I sat in the Livingroom.  With my Mom.

We chatted and ate delicious snacks.

We had a lovely meal lovingly prepared by those who love us and whom we deeply love.

We exchanged some gifts and so ended a lovely day of family fun time.

On Sunday I got tea and host of lovely gifts and beautiful, thoughtful cards from my hubby and kids.  

Very spoiled indeed.

We went to church and while the kids were at youth Allan and I had a lovely brunch.

And then I got home and was faced with a choice.  

The list of things I could do was long....endless 
The list of things I should do was long......
The list of things I had to do was short....but pressing....

But when I considered the rain falling outside and the brand new book by one of  my favourite authors and feeling a bit tired.....

I gave myself permission to crawl under the covers and for the next 5 hours I read that book from cover to cover......with tea..... and a cookie.......and random interruptions for cuddles and chats.......some text messages....checking FB........

I was simply delicious and decadent.......

A perfectly lovely Mother's Day!

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