Saturday, May 4, 2013


None of us can remember when we had a totally free Saturday.....

No Jazzercise, no soccer, no babysitting, no graduation, no teaching......


We all remarked at our lazy late breakfast in the kitchen how much we love days like this....

We ended up getting lots done but in a lazy, sunshiney, happy way......

So ....First we made a big mess!

We enjoyed using our new Green Bin

Allan rearranged and repaired the sprinkler system
Spanner had a ball in the sun....Allan had him doing tricks!
Then the planting began
A helpful garden gnome

A trio of tomato plants

A rose to bring the bees
A touch of whimsy
What to do when you break the teapot lid!
And then we put it all back together again

David moving plants in his innovative way

Almost ready for summer dining (we need to get the big table out)

Who wants s'mores?
In the midst of it all Allan made two loaves of Rustic Italian Bread - SO Yummy

And then a scrumptious dinner of fresh veggies and stuffed pork loin on the BBQ

And a pear crostata crafted by David coached by Allan

WHAT a beautiful day!

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  1. Sounds lovely! Hoping to get out in the garden tomorrow!