Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We have a particular flair as a couple/family for doing projects around our house. 

We are like a pot of cold water on the stove that takes forever to come to the boil but then quickly blows the lid off the pot!  We talk about a project for months (even years) .... little ideas like little bubbles........ we mull things over , look at various options, ponder, think, suggest......

And then all of a sudden at the most unlikely moment we leap into action, agree on a plan and execute immediately. 

It can make your head spin!

One late Saturday afternoon in our townhouse we suddenly decided that the "sunshine ceiling" we had lived with for years just HAD to go and go NOW.  We ripped it down, patched the ceiling and installed the new lights before the weekend was over.

This weekend was crazy busy and by Sunday afternoon at 3pm I was d.o.n.e. But I had bought some big bags to bag up some old clothes that were piling up in our room and I was determined to do that.  Allan who had been either at soccer or writing a paper all weekend appeared upstairs and a project of reorganising our room, long talked about, was ON.  The kids dived in to help and we were off!

A mere 4 hours later we had cleaned, sorted, organised, measured, gone to IKEA, returned, assembled furniture and installed it all in our room.

A new and much needed workspace was born.
Not quite "before" - more like middle of the project

Getting close

For all my scrap booking supplies - SO excited to organize it

Storage, books, a desk,........almost done

A great new space to be creative and for Allan to work quietly when needed........ It was a crazy couple of hours but a really great result!

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