Friday, January 13, 2012


I have become very attached to this envelope.

I have been using this one envelope for three years  - it has travelled many miles between my office and our accountants in Vancouver - back and forth faithfully carrying all manner of accounting related stuff.....

In the past 18 months or so it has been showing signs of travel fatigue, having been tossed around in all kinds of vehicles as it was couriered around the town.

But I refused to give up on it.  It has become a battle, entirely with myself, to keep this envelope going.....I don't even really know why.

Maybe because I am a big advocate of reusing and recycling.  Or because I am responsible for the budget and ever mindful of unnecessary waste. 

I really don't know why exactly but I kept repairing this envelope. Every seam has now been taped up and the corners taped many times.   My staff have been shaking their heads for months about it's tatty appearance and more than one unsubtle hint has been dropped about replacing it.  Indeed my whole budget argument (if it ever existed) is busted as all the tape used likely cost more than the envelope in the first place!

And now every slot has been used up with courier trip numbers.

Even I could see the envelope was's usefulness ended.

 I reluctantly went to a large store where we purchase our supplies to get a new one.


The Manager of said store informs me "this envelope is old fashioned".....


How can an envelope be old fashioned? It's an inter-departmental envelope.....I am sure departments still exist and still send things to one another.  He offered me a range of other alternatives.

I will keep looking for an exact replacement but this particular envelope is being retired from service.....I will miss it's quirkiness, its shabby curling edges.....I realise by now some of you think I need a psych evaluation......

I think for me it was a symbol of simplicity - a thing that just worked....and sometimes that is a great comfort!

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