Friday, January 6, 2012

Can I help you?

A simple question but sometimes hard to ask and sometimes hard to respond to.

I am a helper - I like helping people - when I did all those aptitude tests in High School to assist in making a career choice all the "helping" professions were at the top.....and so my careers in social work, non-profit and teaching is right on the mark....for me.  Even my event planning business is essentially a helping business.

But so often I see a need and hesitate....I second guess myself.......I don't want to intrude or be rude or have my intentions misunderstood. 

Sometimes I stall myself entirely. 

And sometimes I find out later that the help would have been welcomed and I need the V8 crack on the head! So silly.

So my personal challenge in 2012 is to be bolder in reaching out.  To push through the doubt and move to action.

I am prepared to be rebuffed or turned down (and I will try not to take it personally) but I am curious about what will happen both for me and for others when the help is offered and received.

I had my first chance today and I started to second guess myself right away but I batted down the doubt and risked the ask anyway and it went well!

I am thankful that I asked "Can I help you?", thankful to the person who (with slight hesitation) took me up on my offer to drive her home from Save-On this evening.  We managed a semi awkward conversation with as much self-disclosure as we were comfortable with and  it ended well with thanks and wishes for a good weekend.

Good start to my 2012 personal need for a V8 thunk to the head for me tonight.

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