Friday, May 5, 2017

Hearts divided

"They" say "Home is where the heart is" and I suppose that can be true but only if the heart is divisible into many parts. 

Because if the heart is one single entity and if the saying is true - then the heart is only home in one place.

And this I know not to be the truth.

My own heart resides in a few places - South Africa, Canada, Steveston, Maui... and frankly a piece of it resides anywhere my beloveds are - McMath, Victoria, Richmond, Edmonton, PMB, Alaska, Australia,.... 

Tomorrow our daughter comes home for the summer. 

For sure she comes home to a place her heart can rest easy and will be loved and cared deeply for but I also know she leaves a bit of her heart in her new home in Victoria - a place she has come to feel more settled in this past university year, a place she is learning to be in wholeheartedly instead of transiently. 

She came home to our home much less frequently this year for that very reason and she knows so much more of and about this beautiful place - its best sushi, coffee, hikes, views, craft beers, wing nights and much more.  In many ways it will be for her the place where she became an adult and spent those pivotal late teen early 20's.

But there is, at least, one other reason she'll find it hard to leave tomorrow.... one Mr. Joel. 

And for sure a bit of her heart is staying with him in Victoria.

I met Joel when I was there last week  - a charming and smart young man we look forward to getting to know.

And while my heart will feel somewhat whole to have all 4 Byres under one roof for a few weeks I count it as a privilege and blessing that my family and I have so many places our hearts feel at home. 

Welcome home our sweet girl.  We love you.

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