Monday, May 22, 2017

Everyone is good at something

Everyone is good at something - so the saying goes - therefore it follows that every family is good is at something.  

Our family (yes I am dragging the whole lot down with me in this) is good at many things and "not yet meeting expectations" in several others. 

Some things we have been good at for a long time and some things we are newly good at - as a group anyway or at least 3/4 of us.

It is apparent to anyone hanging around this space on the internet that this family is very good at food.  We love it, we cook it, we bake it, we prepare it and ... we eat it! 

In my clan of amazing cooks and bakers I am the Appy Queen.  By which I mean I can assemble other peoples amazing food on a platter and look good.  This weekend I upped my game thanks to some Instagram inspiration sent to me by Lindsay B.  Even I was impressed not just with the incredible meats and cheeses I purchased but my presentation was skookum.  It was one of 3 appy platters I assembled this weekend. 

One of the other things we are good at is, despite all attempts to avoid this, we are the masters of ridiculous sunburns. I blame the scottish/british genes and the damn UV that persists in these northern climes even when it isn't hot.  This weekend was so pleasant in the backyard but hardly hot and yet I have a ridiculous sunburn everywhere my tatty gardening shirt didn't cover.  Allan was out on a boat and his sunburn covers everywhere his windblown hair did not.  And let's not forget the time Lindsay burned her eyelids in the sun and I will never forget burning the back of my knees - Ouch. 

Currently we are the family that gyms together.  Also the therefore the family that aches and moans and laments together over various pains and strains.  If we had a team sponsor it would be Advil or Ibuprofen.  But continuing to workout we will and like it we will and fitter we'll get.

We are also a family who works hard together - loves to entertain - joke - listen to music.  We are trying to be better at gardening and cleaning the house - but honestly Byres #5 Mr Spanner thwarts us with his incessant hair loss.  

At a moment today I was upstairs and the other 3 were in the yard fixing the sprinkler system and I stopped for a moment as they chatted and problem-solved and worked together - and I was delighted at least some of us can fix things and make things work.  I have recently figured out the remote and that may be the apex of my technical abilities but as long as a couple other Byres are around I should be ok.

Byres Brain Trust

Mostly what we are best at is being Byres.  4 quirky individuals that somehow make up this little family that I love so much.  Today I am just reveling in us all being here and bumping along together, doing life together for these few weeks we are all at home.

xoxo Byres4

And Spanner.
Maui memories

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