Sunday, May 14, 2017

An ordinary weekend

In the work we do with young children we seek to identify what we call "ordinary moments' ... and then we observe them carefully and see the deeper meaning of what is going on in that moment and we try to make meaning of it.  It truly is a joy to see an 'ordinary moment' unpacked by an Educator showing a depth of creativity and development going on in the most ordinary moments.  I love reading their accounts of seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.  

They have to be paying attention though...or the extraordinary ordinary moment will be missed...and with it both a wonderful story and the opportunity to have uncovered something special.

This weekend was expected to be ordinary. 

Events, chores, family time, down time, gardening....ordinary.

On Friday night my peeps headed off to U2 - an historic kick off concert for their world tour.  And by all accounts neither Mumford and Sons or U2 disappointed. 

I expected to go home to a quiet house and cozy up with Spanner and if the planets aligned I would actually find the right remote to make the TV work - the couch and I were going to be friends.

But then I got the delightful summons from the Crab Master that conditions were perfect to head out on the water and check the crab traps.  After a stormy day the clouds were magnificent, the sun warm on our faces, the water calm and some of my best people aboard.  I was struck by just how beautiful, how extraordinary it is to be on a boat, mountains and islands around us...AND THEN we saw a stellar sea lion napping in the water ... I kid you not ...he was out cold - Captain Fil cut the engine and we glided quietly close to him and witnessed him awake from his snooze - give us a salty sneer and disappear under the water.  I don't know what you did on Friday but I saw a sea lion wake up from a nap - totally extraordinary!

And then Captain Chief  pulled up the crab traps he again miraculously found in the depths of the ocean and there were some very large ones...currently being made into crab cakes for dinner :) 

We boated home watching a rainstorm over Vancouver that produced a huge rainbow.  Truly a blessed way to end a week!

I made it to the couch with take out dinner and a glass of wine and Spanner and I got the TV remotes working and watched 4 episodes of Border Security interrupted from time to time with video snippets of U2 rocking the arena.

I crawled into bed at 11pm a very happy lady. 

I woke up at midnight and texted to find out where my peeps were.  On their way ....ahhhh.  Then a friend texted me and asked if he could call.  I was awake so I said sure and I am sure glad I did.  My friend Graham also just off the train from the U2 concert had been so moved by the way women were honoured at the show and he wanted me to know he wished I had been there - and he offered me his ticket to see them in Seattle on Sunday - he said a bunch of other lovely things - I was too overwhelmed to make any decisions but I promised to consider his generous offer.  When the call ended I lay there wondering if I had just dreamed this extraordinary moment?  A beautiful call, beautiful amazing offer. 

Shortly after my family came in - a happy crew but ready for bed.  They hit their pillows while I lay awake for a while pondering how the expected ordinary evening had been so very extraordinary.  I fell asleep with a very happy heart.

I was, of course, up before everyone on Saturday morning and with a twinge in my upper back  preventing further rest, I headed downstairs to make some tea.  I greeted the puppy and we assessed the weather together while the kettle boiled.  I texted with Emily (my early morning best buddy) and then opened Facebook.  My heart skipped a beat as I began to read a post I was tagged in by my friend who had called late the night before.  I will post it here - I was beyond humbled - A completely extraordinary way to start a day I can tell you! 

The other Byres eventually awoke and we had a family breakfast, Jack Johnson playing, lots of chatter, bacon - a morning that makes me SO happy but is now more extraordinary than ordinary and to be treasured.  We made lists of groceries and chores and things to accomplish and made a game plan!  David had plans but Allan and Lindsay and I set out to grocery shop, fill growlers, do a little shopping, deliver ice-cream to friends who were moving (as one does) .... it was a lovely, productive, connecting kind of day - I loved it.  Lindsay made thai curry for dinner and we emptied the Brassneck Brewing growler.

I went to bed nursing my sore back. 

Early stirring in the house this morning and a delicious breakfast of waffles, bacon (you see a trend here) strawberries and a pile of gifts and beautiful cards.  SO much love.  So lucky I am. 

Church and a couple errands and the family came home to start preparing a feast.  I strolled into the village, wandered around, got a coffee, visited a bakery - oven warm croissants - flowers for the table and a stroll home to a kitchen in full swing.  A visit to the garden this afternoon to beat back the weeds and marvel at the growth of things planted!  Extraordinary! 

The table set, flowers arranged, sunshine, good kitchen smells, tea.... 

And my own Mama - so lucky to have her as a role model and a friend and a guide.  An extraordinary Grandmother too.  And a feast. 

I do see the food theme here - it's clearly our love language!  

And so a perfectly extraordinary / ordinary weekend wraps up.  I am sure I missed some moments but I think I caught enough ordinary moments and stored them in my heart - I am so so grateful to my tribe for all the ways they made it so. 

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