Friday, March 31, 2017

23 stairs

There are 23 stairs between my office and the staff washroom.

How do I know?

I know that after two weeks of a fitness challenge at an actual gym, with actual trainers, because there is pain in every one of those 23 stairs today.

But the "good" kind of pain.


This 47 year old body is getting a much needed wake up call but not all of the muscle groups are best pleased with this turn of events.

In fact some have been dormant for so long that they are protesting this new regime in the very strongest of terms.  

No pain, no gain, right? 

In all honesty I wasn't so sure there was any "core" left but ... I can ASSURE you, buried though it may be - it IS there - crying angrily at its rude and repeated awakening.  While I was well aware the derriere needed "work",it too is unhappy... which makes me happy in a perverse way.  Get lost gluteus maximus - no more junk in the trunk!!

But the quads - oh the ever loving quad muscles - they are screaming the loudest.  

But even they bend to the power of the bladder and so the 23 steps had to be conquered several times today.

And through the pain I am thoroughly enjoying the experience.  

It helps Allan and I go together, although, of course, Mr-almost-50, had levelled up and moved ahead of me (although in no less pain!).  It helps its very low key and friendly while being very demanding.  It helps we missed a week in NYC - kidding....kidding.  

The exercise and our version of clean eating (WHAT? No potato for over 10 days - my Irish ancestors are freaking out)... reduced sugar, carbs and quadrupled veggies and more nuts and seeds than I had imagined... the pants are feeling just a tad roomy already. 

Make no mistake - I have a loooong way to go.  These muscles are going to be protesting for a while yet but I think its safe to say I have found my new fitness regime.  

Now if I can just get up off the couch I think I have earned a fry or two, maybe a beer....Happy Friday!

Also a heads up - I am getting up early tomorrow, in the rain and "light" wind to go out in the ocean in an open boat with two crazy dudes to find crab.  Slight chance of a good story and few photos if I survive. Stay tuned.

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