Saturday, April 1, 2017

Boy Day

Today is owed to some pretty awesome guys I share my life with.

Allan and Fil are best buddies and fishing friends of note.  Fil crabs and Allan is a pretty good second mate.  Until today I was the only person in the clan who had not been out on the boat. 

It is possible I whined a bit about this. Once or twice.

So today I was offered my chance.  

In very overcast, showery conditions ( but no wind!! ) we headed out to the crab traps.  The first part of the journey is through our harbour in Steveston and although I lived here almost 18 years I have never been out on a boat on this part of the river - it was so fascinating to see the view from the water!

Then we  - and by we, I mean Fil - navigated the channels and hit the open water.  

I loved being out on the ocean, wind in my face, lungs full, salt spraying... everything was varying shades of grey - grey, heavy skies, grey water rippling...It was poetic and peaceful.

A needle in a haystack has nothing on a crab trap in the middle of the ocean!  Wow - we stop and boom we haul up the two traps - pure magic -  and lo we found 2 allowable crabs and a couple of little ones we threw back - and by we I mean Allan and Fil.  

The crab traps were cleaned and re-baited and thrown back to their secret spot on the ocean floor.  I doubt they'll ever be found again frankly. 

And we turned for home - seal, sea lions, herons, ducks, seagulls, geese.

It was so much fun!  

And then they made me touch the crab. Yikes! 

Tomorrows dinner is now resting in the fridge :)

A quick shower to thaw out and then I hit the road with my boy David.  

First up, brunch, on the way to Simon Fraser University.

This univeristy is one of David's options for next year.  Great option, affordable as he could live at home but a 2+ hour transit commute each way each day seems daunting.  We are trying to work through all the pros and cons of this and his other choices of UBC in Kelowna (4 hours inland - so more expensive as he'd be in residence but a world class University) or a local community college on a University transfer in Year 3.

We feel sort of surprised to be wrestling with this - we and he really hoped he'd stay home but that may not be the best choice now.  My heart is feeling a bit battered. 

But before we decide we are looking at all the options.  

SFU is at the top of a mountain so we wandered around in the mist at this architecturally unique campus.  It was quite peaceful today and it felt good.  We walked and talked for a while and he graciously posed for photos. 

On our way home we did some shopping for Mr D - getting geared up for his summer - which he will spend in Kelowna anyway at his beloved Green Bay Camp as he did last year. 

He made me a cup of tea when we got home as I attempted a pizza base made with cauliflower instead of flour!  We invited his best bud Erin over and we had a lovely dinner as Fil and Allan returned from fishing all afternoon in the sunshine that finally appeared. 

And now the kids are off - the fishermen are having Pho together and I have the boy dog sleeping at my feet. 

It was a wonderful day.  I'm grateful for these guys and their love and patience with me. 

Now I am going to figure out how to turn on the TV all on my own (maybe) and watch Border Security and not think about the possibilities for September in our house. 

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