Thursday, August 25, 2016

Vacation for 2.5 Byres

We have had some pretty spectacular summer vacations over the last 2 decades.

My TimeHop app spends most of August reminding me of them.... just last year we were in Maui for goodness sake.

And by we I mean all 4 Byres plus sometimes others too.

So setting out on a our summer vacation 2016 felt very odd to me.

Firstly is was for 4 nights only.  We have very typically vacationed for 2 weeks at this time of year - BUT I'm not complaining  - after this summer 4 nights away seemed like a pretty huge victory.

Also it was pretty close to home - it needed to be en route to pick up Mr D in Kelowna so it had to be on either Hwy 5 or Hwy 3 or close.  It turns out this huge Province we live in is so beautiful and there are so many, many miles to explore and discover - we covered only a couple more valleys and lakes but our hearts were once again grateful for the wide open spaces and the breathtaking beauty so close to home.

And there were only 2.5 of us in the car.  Allan, me and Spanner.  This is new territory in itself.  Finding a place that allowed mr puppy face to come with us was a feat.  And then there were just 2 of us to plan for, pack for, cook for.   Our prescribed destinations leant itself to fishing - Allan's favourite pursuit and being remote and disconnected would force me to slow down a while too.

And so we rolled out with a surprising amount of gear - fishing and dog related mostly - and we arrived at our destination which was pretty close to what we expected , if a bit too close to the highway for my liking.  This time of year is tough for catching fish but not for spending hours on the water in beautiful spaces in their pursuit (although I won't deny I was pretty relieved when a trout or two finally took the fly!)

I spent quite a lot of time with Spanner walking and sitting watching lakes.  I also read three books and did some cooking in less than ideal conditions.  I love driving new roads and that was certainly satisfied although both a lake swim and a nap elluded me. 

To our relief we found we did have things to talk about even if, as it has been since 1997,  it so often revolves around our children.  But we also talked about our work and Al's studies and what the future may hold. 

It was good to have slow time, time to chat, time to explore remote places and wonder together at the beauty of it all.  

It was good.

And it was good to get our David today as heartsore as he was to leave camp - they were pretty sad to see him go too. 
We stopped on our way home at the Cabin to help my parents pack the last of the furniture and for them and David to say their final goodbye.  

And then we were home - David got a big surprise  - a project the 3 of us worked on while he was gone - more in another post - and we Byres4 sat down to sushi for dinner together.  

My heart is very happy.  

A blessed few days - a close to home, close to heart vacation.  

I'm holding out for more Byres4 vacations in tropical destinations but I am also content to know that Allan and I can move into a new phase of travel together when the time comes.

And - for the record - Possum is a lovely, if slightly eccentric, lady afterall. 

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  1. I can so relate to your post. Darn Timehop! Love the app but all summer its had me reflecting on summers gone by and the four of us on adventures. Beautiful photos as always!