Saturday, August 20, 2016

Gathering - a verb

IThe last few weeks have been a season of gathering in my life.  

Gathering people, gathering things,  gathering moments....gathering myself.

Allan spent most of the summer gathering new knowledge and he did it with good grace and inspiring dedication.  On beautiful summer days he sat at his desk and read and wrote and now is reaping the reward of a few study free weeks with a couple more A+'s in the bag.  Before Year 2 starts but this time the end is in sight.

Lindsay has spent the weeks gathering things for her new suite in Victoria.  She became adept at finding bargains on free and bidding sites on FB and gathered many useful and lovely things as well as being gifted quite a lot!  She painted and refurbished items and then we had to take it all apart to get as much as possible in the truck to take a load to Victoria.  

Lindsay also gathered lots of new experiences as a Senior Leader at Summer Day Camps and many retail shifts (not all of them pleasant) and some new friends this summer.  One special new friend (but that is all I can say).

David gathered heaps of new friends, a great work ethic and servant heart at camp.  He grew up in himself and in his faith.  He also gathered a wicked tan and some muscles! I get to gather him up soon and bring him home for a scant 48 hours before he is off to serve at his beloved Anvil.  There he will gather another year and return to us a 17 year old ready for Grade 12.

I was delighted to gather up my parents at the airport earlier this week after their 10 flight epic adventure in Africa and England and Ireland where they gathered treasured time with friends as well as wonderful memories of amazing places.

Spanner has had me gathering up his hair by the handful..... he has been chilling at home a lot and taking long walks with us.  He loves the long trail at Iona beach where he is rewarded with some off leash ocean antics that are a joy to behold, followed by a bath at home which he tolerates.  And for days after I gather sand off my hardwood floors.

We have gathered with various groups of friends over the weeks, lovely to connect and catch up and share life together on long summer evenings.  Friends are such an incredible gift and my heart is ever so grateful for my friend-family. 

I have gathered many miles, some sunsets, a couple sunrises, a book or two, new places to eat, a home decor project or two, lots of time with my girl and Allan ...I even watched TV twice! The 2016 nap still alludes me but I am hopeful 4 days in a cabin at a fishing lake may facilitate that.

So I am gathering things for a quick getaway with Allan and Spanner enroute to get our David.  We'll be in a cabin by a lake - rented to us by a lady named Possum (it'll be fine - right?  right?) No matter what it'll be quiet and for that my weary self is most grateful.  

The summer will race to a close and soon the routines of Fall will return but my bucket will be full from the gatherings of memories from the Summer of 2016 stored up in my heart.

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