Sunday, August 7, 2016

Love Story

It was Saturday afternoon, late-ish

I was covered in paint, sweary and sweaty... Tired.

My phone binged with a text.

It wasn't meant for my eyes but it gave me a clue.
I heard a muffled phone conversation as I rolled and rolled the paint. 

A few minutes later my sweetheart stood next to me, plans made for a dinner in the city at a hard to get in to French Restaurant.

A surprise (sort of ;) ) 

One hour to depaint myself in the shower and get as presentable as I get.

No time to read reviews, do my hair, fuss about clothes...

And a totally perfect evening unfolded .. Seats at the bar of a very Parisienne place, a glass of bubbly, pate, outstanding duck confit salad, creme brûlée.

Time together.

Time to chat.

An hour or two away from our world.

I felt like I had a vacation.

I felt loved. 



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