Sunday, September 27, 2015


Boom. September shows up and in two blinks it seems it is over.

Every year.

No matter how prepared I am September is exhilarating and exhausting. 

This one seemed more so with all the changes in our home and in my work.

Our girl not being around is hard and different.  I miss her.  But I am so very proud of how she is tackling being away at University.  So confident and poised and smart about it all.  Predictably not loving the food and struggling to sleep in a noisy environment but enjoying new friendships, her classes (especially Computer Science and Sociology) and getting involved in campus life including yoga and kick boxing fitness classes and a win in the Res Soccer game yesterday!  Also having the odd daytime nap I hear.  :)

She made one very quick trip home with a new friend and it was so lovely to hear all her stories and be able to love on her a bit.  And send her home with a big bag of good food! 

Here at home we are settling into the new rhythm of a family of 3, of soccer season, of the school year.  It is giving us more David time and that is good too.  Never short of a topic to chat about he is good company and he is spending some time int he kitchen with us too.

His new school schedule has been off to a good start.  The Online component seems to be going well with a small co-hort and two great mentor teachers.  They are off to Strathcona Outdoor Education Centre this week to build their relationships.  And do some Whitewater canoeing. Yikes.  David loves that place so much and is so excited to be going back for the 4th time.  

So our house will be truly quiet this week.

Allan has had a good start to his school year and to his Masters Program.  His first assignments are underway and he is lucky to have a colleague from his school also doing the program so they can collaborate at times.  I think he's feeling energized and a little stretched to be back at the studies but not overwhelmed by the work..yet.  Full day Saturday classes are intense though and also dent fishing time at a time of dwindling fishing days as the Fall moves in.

And me.  I have finally, after 2-3 years of planning and waiting, been able to hire an HR/Admin Director to work with me.  It is truly a much anticipated step in our organisation and for me personally.  I know it came about a year too late in terms of coping well with my workload and as we reorganize workloads and tasks I feel great relief but I am going to have to reckon with my own fatigue at some point.  I am excited to be able to have the time and space to pursue some long held dreams and plans I have for my leadership at work and I'm grateful for that.

The long hot summer seemed to cool rapidly into an early Fall.  The trees are turning, the air is crisp and as many many people embrace this season, my heart misses the long summer days and evenings.  The early dark seems a bit oppressive this year and certainly challenges my ability to get my fitbit steps in everyday (not to mention the rain!).  

So after many chores in the kitchen this crisp, sunny Sunday (tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes, oven roasted beets, ginger cookies) I am headed out to walk and think and count those steps in brightness.  And tonight the lunar eclipse and super moon should be visible in the cloudless sky.

September....... thanks for kicking my butt for another year.  

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