Monday, October 5, 2015


A couple of times each summer I get up at an ungodly hour and take my kids to a boat on which they sail away to summer camp.  They have the best time. Good friends, good food, lots of activities, good discussion and conversation.  They come back tired yet refreshed, sun kissed and exuberant and content.

In many ways this past weekend was an upscale adult version of camp.

We got up way too early on Saturday and sailed on a ferry on a crisp but sparkling October morning to Nanaimo BC with our dear friends.  Over a delicious and nutritious BC ferry breakfast (wink wink) we chatted, caught up on our weeks, discussed the coming federal election and much more.

After arriving we made a short detour before the lake to visit the hunting, fishing, camping mega store Cabelas where the boys were lost in fly fishing world for a bit while I helped nature educator extraordinaire EV chose a knife and merino socks for future forest adventures. I think my forbearance in a store holding practically zero interest to me earned me some friend/spouse brownie points!

Soon we arrived at the beautiful lakefront home of friends newly relocated to this part of the world. 

What a spot they have! And what a great time we had.

Good delicious wholesome food with unrivaled views, sun on our faces, content chattering.  

Some napped, some watched soccer on TV, some sat on the dock... Everyone relaxed.  

When energy returned we went out in the boat to tour the lake, the boys took to the water in search of fish , the girls kayaked....and as afternoon slid into evening a fire was made, more food prepped and decent bottle or two of red wine were cracked.  The incessant rising of fish lured the fishermen back to the dock, Guiness in hand, as the sun set and the fire crackled.

A glorious meal was enjoyed and the Whitecaps cheered as we nodded off on the couches.

A truly lovely day was declared done at fairly early hour and we headed to bed.

Early to bed meant early to rise and soon the smell of coffee lured even the reluctant out of bed on another crisp sunny day. 

Boys headed out in kayaks with fishing rods ever optimistic in their quest. The girls headed to the ocean to walk along the harbour while our host cooked up a pile of waffles, and bacon.

A leisurely brunch of delicious fruit and yogurt and a spirited discussion on the merits of maple vs Aunt Jemima syrup (just to reassert our Canadianess) and then decisions on how to spend our remaining few hours...the boys roamed the neighbourhood and the girls retired to the dock. When the boys returned everyone was on the dock and for a very brief few minutes everyone just sat and enjoyed the sun and water.  But soon the boys were back at the fishing and finally a pan-fry-able trout was hauled in and camp was sadly over.

We left our dear friends at their gorgeous spot, grateful for their warm and unfussy welcome and hospitality...and headed to a very full ferry ride home.. Still with much to chat about over burgers and fries and a sit in the sun.

I felt like I escaped to camp for a while.  It was delightful and relaxed and just what I needed.

I'm so grateful for friends to share life with, to explore with, to cook and kayak and chat with... Thank you Vera's and Jacques ... I heart you.

Let's do camp again... Soon! 

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  1. Lovely series of photos. Warm greetings from Montreal! :)