Saturday, September 12, 2015

Team Building

My colleague Jennifer and I have been a team of two for about two years now.  

On Monday we add a long awaited 3rd person to our team - a dream come true.

At the year-end on Aug 31 each team was gifted  "Fun Money" to do a team event that was fun.  Jennifer had a brilliant idea and did some research while I was away and I booked us on a walking tour which we did yesterday.

Ok a walking AND eating tour... a company called "Off the Eaten Track" offers a 2 hour walking tour of Vancouvers Food Trucks / Food Carts.  This was a tour perfect for Jennifer and I who have often done our best thinking and talking over food.  We both love food trucks.  

We met our guide and fellow tour takers in Gastown on a sunny Friday afternoon.

The tour started with the Juice Truck...hang on a sec...this is a food tour! But in all honesty the vegan, almost chocolate smoothie was thankfully only a half order because it was delicious and very filling.  

We quickly moved from this food truck to the delightful food cart named "Chouchou" for a crepe from Natalie.  A truly delightful and passionate person who shared her personal story while serving up a delicious crepe. I think that thanks to the time we had to chat to her and the insight into her world, this was my favourite stop.

We wandered up the street to Arturos Mexican cart serving authentic Mexican food and we sampled a spicy but delicious chicken taco.

As we carried on up into the City centre we listened to our guide talk about the food industry, travel as well as offering the tourists some historical information.  We stopped outside the Marine Building which is fairly iconic but she took us inside which was my first time appreciating the art deco marvel that it is.  I love discovering new things about our city.

Our next stop with our new Aussie friends was Soho Road cart with fresh warm naan and butter chicken.  This is a cart I have passed by many times but I will be hard-pressed to ever walk by it again.

We walked over to the Art Gallery/Robson Square area and found out that our last stop was the Mom's Grilled Cheese food truck.  Jenn and I were please as this is a truck we have never wanted to waste a food truck experience at given its comfort vs exotic offerings.  We had the sourdough and Canadian cheddar sandwich with pickles (which Jennifer passed up) and some locally made hardbite chips. Make no mistake, it was a decent, cheesy, crunchy sandwich but I won't be rushing back... I can make a sandwich like that at home.  The long lines that are consistently at this truck are a bit of a head-scratcher for me but we were glad to be able to check it off our list.

Our tour ended and after I had found the closest coffee, solved an HR issue and answered 2 emails, we headed back to Richmond on the Canada line.

It was a great way to celebrate that we have survived the last two very challenging years together and managed to keep our sanity and our sense of humour.  We are both delighted to soon have a colleague to help us lead our organisation into a new chapter of growth.

I am sure there are still some memorable eats in our future but this one was a sweet one at a memorable moment.

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